Fluvial Stewardship Program for the Prades Mountains

Stream ecosystems offer us a whole array of basic ecosystem services like water, cultivatable land, food, raw materials, biodiversity, aesthetics, ecotherapy or leisure, among others. For that, it is very important these very necessary and, at the same time, delicate ecosystems are maintained in a good state of conservation. Until a few years ago, the stream ecosystems of the Prades Mountains had preserved a good state of conservation thanks to the scarcity of human activity. During the last decade, however, various threats have appeared that pose a danger to these ecosystems and their biodiversity, like invasive and exotic species, and the dumping of rubbish and wastewater. Our objective is to minimise negative effects of these threats and also to develop strategies to guarantee the conservation of these natural spaces so that everyone can enjoy them, now and in the future.

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The fluvial stewardship program for the Prades Mountains has as its objective the conservation our streams’ natural values by means of:

  • Establishing land stewardship agreements
  • Establishing adoptions of stream reaches
  • The restoration of riparian vegetation
  • Conservation of endangered native species
  • Environmental education and diffusion


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