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Book (in Catalan)

Ortiz, J., Blay, J., Sierra, J., Roig, N., Merseburger, G., Pérez – Paricio, A., Buqueras, X. i Schuhmacher, M. 2013. La vida al riu Francolí. Els humans i els sistemes aquàtics. Publicacions URV, Tarragona.


Ecosystems of Catalonia poster collection (in Catalan)

On each poster there is the main image of an ecosystem with the most characteristic species of flora and fauna. On one side of the poster there is an explanation of the ecosystem, its problems and a key indicating the names of the species, its abundance in the ecosystem, if it is native or introduced, and if it is amongst the 100 hundred most damaging invasive species.


"Streams of the Prades Mountains" poster collection (in Catalan)

The stream ecosystems of the Prades Mountains have an important biodiversity that has to be preserved. The aim of this poster collection is to spread this knowledge and promote their conservation in order to guarantee the goods and services that they offer to us.



Roig, N., Sierra, J., Ortiz, J., Merseburger, G., Schuhmacher, M. i Nadal, M. In press. Integrated study of metal behavior in Mediterranean stream ecosystems: A case-study. Journal of Hazardous Materials.